Hotel Bel-Air

Hotel Bel-Air signature yoga mat

Own our Hotel Bel-Air yoga mat for channelling your inner zen.

A yoga flow beside our beautiful Swan Lake is a moment not many forget. Recreate the feeling at home with our signature non-slip yoga mat, made of eco-friendly materials.

- Made of recyclable, non-toxic biodegradable material

- Free of phthalates, latex and heavy metal

- Slip resistant 

- Size: 63.5 x 198cm (25 x 78”)

Prices are only expressed in USD and your credit card will be charged the corresponding amount in your local currency. Any difference in the billed amount depends on the day’s exchange rate and on the commissions applied by your bank.

Customers are responsible for paying the landed costs associated with their purchases. This may include duties, taxes and other custom clearance charges

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Hotel Bel-Air
Hotel Bel-Air signature yoga mat